About Us

Maid in Richmond is Richmond made and Richmond proud

We want to be a company that we, ourselves, would want to do business with. Our goal is to AMAZE you with EVERY interaction and to create a company based on outstanding customer service.

What sets us apart.

  • Each and every interaction we have with you is an opportunity for us to reinforce our customer service promise
  • We believe that being personable, passionate, and fun is just as important as passing a background check for our cleaners
  • We want every service to leave you AMAZED, and we throw in surprises to make that happen!
  • Money Back Guarantee: If you aren’t satisfied, we will fix it or the cleaning is on us!
  • No tricks, hidden pricing, or upsells. We are honest and up front every time

Where did you come up with “Maid in Richmond”?

Our company, our brand, and our employees are all, literally, made in Richmond. We thought it would be fun and unique to play on that, both affirming out dedication to our service offerings and to the city itself.

Why use teams and not individuals?

Teams work together day-in and day-out. They build a rapport with each other that makes improves the quality of their work, their mood, and their excitement throughout the day. This helps make the work more efficient, saving you both time and money! Huzzah!

The Maid in Richmond Money-Back Guarantee!

Way back when, companies would make sure that you were actually happy with the service and products that you received. We want to turn the “way back when” into the “right now”! If you are not happy with your cleaning, we will do two things for you: we will send out a team to do a re-cleaning at no charge AND we will refund all of your money if you believe the job is still inadequate enough to recommend our service.

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